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永見 光三|Nagami Kozo



国連の場で三大アジェンダの一つとして仙台防災枠組(SFDRR)が採択されてから8年が経過し、感染症や紛争の脅威は高まり、貧困等の格差拡大など、世界はさらに多様で複雑な課題に直面しています。しかし、仙台防災枠組の「事前防災投資」や「よりよい復興(Build Back Better)」といった、日本の開発理念にも通底する考え方は、防災だけでなく持続可能な開発(SDGs)や気候変動対策(パリ協定)の観点からもさらに重要になっており、より一層実践強化する必要が高まっています。

Eight years have passed since the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR) was adopted by the United Nations Member States as one of the three major global agendas in 2015, the world has been facing more diverse and complex threats such as infectious diseases, conflicts, and disparities including poverty. However, the SFDRR’s “pre-disaster investment in DRR” and “Build Back Better”, which are the fundamental basis of Japan’s development philosophy, are also imperative for not only DRR but also sustainable development (SDGs) and climate change countermeasures, and there is a growing need to further strengthen its practice.
Tohoku University has been actively applying knowledge gained from disaster science to the actual betterment of our society including the regional recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. At our Green Goals Initiative, we are collaborating externally with other universities and relevant organizations in and out of Japan, and also internally with the International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS) and other departments of Tohoku University to formulate international DRR strategies and practices. To this end, we will promote sharing and co-creating knowledge and information archives that will have substantial impacts on international DRR policy implementation and decision making, and global transdisciplinary DRR practitioner education. We will continue to use and enhance the circle/platform among like-minded DRR needing countries and entities such as the World BOSAI Forum where various people from industry, government, and academia can participate. By interconnecting those various actors, we will concretely contribute to the global DRR including the SFDRR mid-term review and the discussion towards the next framework.